Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary Fireworks Show Englewood Florida

July 4th Fireworks Show over Lemon Bay in Englewood Florida is provided by Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary Community Trust


Why we need your help:

Before the Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary took over the Fireworks Display the Englewood community had the privilege of having a fourth of July fireworks display for many years. This was done by the hard work of the Jaycees obtaining donations from the local community. Since Englewood is a township and not an incorporated city there is no avenue to receive municipal funding which places the entire burden of donations on local businesses and residents.


Due to economic conditions the Englewood Jaycees were no longer able to carry on the long standing fireworks tradition so Englewood went dark in 2008 on the fourth of July. Longtime local business man Michael J. Looney and community minded person Greg Symons approached the Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary club and asked if we would take on the task of returning the fireworks to Englewood. The club agreed and with a very substantial donation from Greg we began the mission of having a continued sustainable fireworks show. Our goal was to have the best show in southwest Florida. A fireworks committee was formed in January of 2009 and began weekly meetings to come up with fund raising ideas. One of our first ideas was the design and building of 55 Firework donation rockets that could be placed at prominent locations around Englewood. We also came up with raffles, road rallies, and media coverage to obtain donations. We realized the importance of the need of major business and personal donors so we were able to have the fireworks put under a 501c3 charitable event.


In efforts to reward our major donors we established a VIP program which entitled them to a great party with and open top shelf bar in an Air-conditioned facility at the closest possible viewing to the fireworks display.


With lots of hard work and the help of Englewood we succeeded in putting on a show that Englewood can be proud of. But without our sponsors desire to give back to the community and the local residents Englewood can go dark again. We need everyone’s help to keep our tradition to continue for the enjoyment of all resident families, friends and tourist which are now coming in to see the display. So please dig deep and contribute what you can. We look forward to seeing our VIP sponsors at the best Fourth of July party and bar-b-que at middle beach under the fireworks.


Thank you for your support,


Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary Fireworks Committee



Special Thanks for the support provided by Visit Sarasota